Myths About Plant-based Diets

We have all heard about words like ‘vegan’ and ‘plant based diets’. These are some of the newer trends to have come to India, and they bring with them a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Turning vegan and eating plant based protein is all about refraining from animal based foods. Changing your diet like this will obviously be a difficult step, but we’re here to break it down for you and also explain why some myths are incorrect.

1. All Vegans/Vegetarians are Protein Deficient

    No way! Any time you consider a dietary change, proper planning is necessary. This doesn’t just apply to plant-based eating, but any change. Fortunately, plant protein is powerful! Sources like beans, lentils, and tempeh actually provide more protein than meats like chicken wings or hamburgers. Even plant-based snacks can pack a protein punch—Taali’s Roasted Makhana provide 3-5 grams of plant based protein per serving!

    2. Plant-based Food Doesn't Taste Good

    You may not realize it, but some of your favorite foods (think pizza, curry, etc) are often made plant-based—if not entirely vegan—already! You don’t have to step out of your comfort zone when eating plant based: experimenting with new dishes and flavors can be fun, but sticking to your tried-and-true favorites is totally doable as well!

    3. Eating Plant-based is Super Difficult

    It doesn’t have to be! Of course, jumping into anything new without proper planning could be tough, but as long as you think ahead, transitioning to a plant-based diet should be easy-peasy. In fact, we have a whole blog dedicated to helping you get started!

    4. Eating Plant-based is All or Nothing

    No! Eating plant-based is not something you have to commit to 100% of the time. In fact, we actually recommend NOT starting at 100%, as a transition period might help you ease into your new diet. Even if you never choose to go plant-based full time, just eating one plant based meal per day or 1 day per week does make a difference.

    5. All Vegans/Vegetarians are Vitamin Deficient

    They shouldn’t be! There are only two essential nutrients that don’t occur naturally in a plant-based diet: vitamin B12 and vitamin D3. These vitamins are easy to get either through supplements or vitamin-fortified foods like cereals or nut milks. All other essential nutrients are found within a plant-based diet. Check it out: even Taali provides iron!