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A li’l insight
into our restaurant-style peanuts!

Presenting, ‘Taali’s Roasted Peanuts’

It’s the exceptionally sweet and nutritive soil that makes the Bharuchi peanuts so sought after in India. The high nutritive value of these peanuts makes them a perfect snack for all. Peanuts are packed with healthy fats and high-quality protein and are loaded with minerals and vitamins essential for our body’s functioning.

Peanuts are very filling and thus a guilt free snacking option.

There’s no doubt we have another snacking option to binge on guilt-free!

Roasted, never fried!

Go nuts
over them

Our preminum quality

Bharuchi peanuts are hand roasted to perfection.

We season them

with fresh spices for a delicious experience

For a delectable

restaurant style taste

The best secret

of them all...

They are roasted never fried!