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A li’l insight
into the greatest snacking invention!

Presenting our latest creation, ‘Taali’s protein puffs’

Been dreaming of delicious snacks that also fulfill your daily protein needs? Here’s us, making that dream come true! Taali’s puffs are slow-roasted to perfection for that extreme crunchy experience that gives you the goodness of protein with every bite-size.

Made with protein-rich ingredients that are then topped with the most delectable seasonings; our protein puffs are the perfect invention for a wholesome snacking habit. In addition to protein, our puffs are also a great source of fiber, so that you can binge on them without any guilt. And the best part about them? They are roasted and made without maida, corn or wheat!

We handpick the best quality ingredients for our protein puffs. Take a look at how we make this high-five worthy snack...

from ‘poof’
to ‘puff’!

For your complete protein requirements,

we gather the perfect blend of ingredients -
jowar, chickpeas, lentils, rice and soy.

What’s next?

We blend them together and puff

them into the perfect shape.

What’s next?

we slow roast our puffs and season

them with delectable masalas

and herbs.

Then comes the fun part!

You get to indulge in the goodness of

our delicious and wholesome snack!

Why Protein in our lives,
makes for louder high-fives

Protein is an essential part of a wholesome daily diet, for people of all ages and lifestyles. Proteins are made up of amino acids which help maintain the overall well-being of our body. From strengthening the muscles to developing the immunity of our system; protein participates in complete cell repair and maintenance. According to the Dietary Reference Index (DRI), children need ~19 grams, and grown adults need between ~ 46 - 56 grams of protein, EVERYDAY! We hardly ever consume that amount, and we don’t realize the negative impact it has on the body. That’s why we invented our protein puffs, to give you a delicious, crunchy and a wholesome way to fulfill the protein requirements for your body. We’ve ensured that we add protein-rich ingredients to fulfill your body’s needs while also giving you a tasty and delicious munching experience.

Our mighty Proteins!
Jowar is a fiber-rich source of protein. It is gluten-free and boosts your immunity to fight against diseases while improving digestion.
Chickpeas is another plant-based ingredient that helps in the overall wellbeing of your body. Its high protein content makes it easier for losing weight
Daal is a type of lentil that is filled with proteins and is rich in folate and iron content. Daal is commonly eaten every day because it is low in calories and has an ample amount of fibre.
Soy or ‘soya bean’ is a lactose-free ingredient that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It is a great source of antioxidants that protect your body and reduce cholesterol.

what a feelin’

Feel the melodic sound of wrapper opening slowly, As the aroma of freshly roasted puffs fills the air.

The texture of a light and crunchy surprise awaits you. The magic of great taste and the goodness of protein.
As you take in the chatpata flavour, You just can’t help but reach out for a few more. And then some more.

This is the perfect feelin’ from a perfect snack!

nothing like your
typical average snacks




Taali Protein