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makin’ a perfect snack!

from ‘poof’
to ‘puff’!

For your complete protein requirements,

we gather the perfect blend of ingredients -
jowar, chickpeas, lentils, rice and soy.

What’s next?

We blend them together and puff

them into the perfect shape.

What’s next?

we slow roast our puffs and season

them with delectable masalas

and herbs.

Then comes the fun part!

You get to indulge in the goodness of

our delicious and wholesome snack!


First, we pick

the freshest water lilies.

Then we move on to

collecting, sorting, and grading

their pea-sized seeds.

What’s next?

We expand and pop the seeds to

that ideal makhana snack size.


We slow roast our Makhana and season

them with delectable masalas and toppings.

Then comes the fun part

You get to indulge in the most

‘guilt-free’ snack experience ever!


our way to better

Have your snacks ever felt so good and wholesome that you feel like high-fivin’ the people you share them with? Never? Well, you clearly haven’t tried our snacks yet!

We’re already giving each other high-fives in celebration of inventing the perfect snack: one that’s guilt-free and oh, so yummy! Snacks so good, that you won’t be able to stop yourself from binging on them. But don’t worry! Taali won’t make you feel guilty. We’ll just celebrate deliciously packed good health with you and hand you Ek Taali Aur!

Discover how we do it…


talking taste

blogs as delicious as our pops


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