Protein: The 'Essential service' your body needs

Taali’s protein puffs are a new invention designed to offer you an upgrade from your regular potato chips, and we’re not just talking about a reduced calorie count, but also 10 grams of protein per bag!

Coming to you in 6 different flavours, Taali’s protein puffs are a savoury treat for everyone in your family or friend circle. With the masaledar diversity of the puffs, no one will be left without a snack at your next house party!

Protein is an essential for everyone inside and outside the gym, and our diets do not usually completely encompass the required amount. So we present our protein puffs, a delicious way to keep a check on your protein intake.

Anywhere, Anytime

Taali’s protein puffs can be consumed at any time of the day. It’s your ideal snack to munch on before you rush to work, and also the perfect light snack for your late night cravings. It is also an ideal replacement for biscuits as your tea time partner.

Your home workout partner

Just started working out at home? Don’t let that precious workout go to waste and partner your workout with a pre/post workout snack with Taali’s protein puffs. They nourish your body and help in the recovery of muscles, thus accelerating your results . We offer you a light protein substitute which won’t completely fill you up, while still packing 10g of protein!

The Nutrition we serve

Every mother has tried convincing her children to eat the healthy Daals she makes for them, but alas, her efforts usually go in vain. Not this time though. Our Puffs are packed with Jowar, Chickpeas, Urad daal and Soy, which implode into the “four horsemen” of healthy and delicious snacking.

For All ages

Our protein puffs can be consumed by all ages, from 0-99. Or even above 99. The light protein snacks are easy to digest, made with the finest ingredients and a 100% vegetarian, making them a perfect snack for literally anyone who asks for them. They have been crafted such that they fit all kinds of lifestyles, and all kinds of diets, making them the ideal snack if you’re looking to cut the calories with the added benefit of the protein filled punch.