Iss Diwali... Flavor wali Taali!

Diwali is celebrated every year with a lot of lights and laughter, with Diwali sweets and snacks being the epitome of joy... Why not try pairing our deliciously flavor-packed TAALI snacks with Diwali delicacies?

This year, add a little twist of flavor-fun snacks while celebrating Diwali with your loved ones!


A home full of lights, a plate full of Makhanas!

Whenever you bite into the never-ending sweets, somewhere a little part of you feels guilty, doesn't it?
Even so, you can’t help but devour those delicacies cause its Diwali!
What is better than crackling TAALI makhanas, which have always been the best-flavored snacks you can ever find?
With the wide range of patakedaar makhana flavors we would surely cover all the corners of your Savory palate as well as the Sweet range to cater to your sweet tooth!

Kudos if you recognize the whiff of a crunchy, light breeze! You’ve arrived at the puff station!

When you take a look at TAALI protein puffs, you’re looking at a ‘certified poof-to-puff trainer’!
All those Diwali snacks might not come anywhere near to our fresh and crispy protein puffs and you won’t have to worry about not getting in your Diwali fit either, because these are guilt-free and will keep you healthy!
Instead of lighting up firecrackers, binge on these flavorful, light, crunchy snacks they sure have that tasty fire-cracking element in them!

A balanced diet is a fistful of flavorsome peanuts in each hand! (Kidding..... or are we?)

Believe it or nut, our range of peanuts is crazy delicious for all your snacking needs!
These chota bomb bada dhamakas will surely light up your taste buds as they’ll keep you coming back for more!
Our sig-nut-ure Taali peanut flavour options would surely give you a munch better time as you spend time this year with your loved ones, rather than interacting over online meets, isn’t it b-right?

We at TAALI produce power snacks of these sorts, but do you know what an actual Powerhouse looks like?!
Yes, that’s right! We are proud to announce that TAALI is the official snacking partner for one of the raiding Kabaddi kings, none other than, Puneri Paltan, the Powerhouse of energy!
So make sure you have a plate of all types of TAALI snacks as you watch ProKabaddi with your fam, cause this Diwali, it’s not only Flavour wali Taali, but Paltangiri wali Taali as well #TaaliForThePaltan!