Are we ready for FIFA 2022?! 

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While the rest of the world is still whistling the FIFA theme song, a new wave of change is sweeping over India!   

So, let’s kick off this blog with some things about how football started waving its flag in India!   


A new era of Indian football began with the creation of the Indian Super League.    

The increasing number of Indians lining up hours in advance to buy tickets to watch their favorite ISL team play is something we experienced firsthand, didn’t we?   

Shimla is the original site of the Durand Cup in India.   

It's the oldest football tournament still going strong on a global scale, and the first of its kind in India. Sir Mortimer Durand conceived the idea and launched it.   

Now, we all have that one friend who is untidy but plays great soccer... I guess we could call them a Messi guy...?   

Just like every famous player, India saw the rise of football because it takes a goal-keeper to achieve their dreams!   

There is a long and detailed history of football in India. Attempts were made to unify the Indian Army as a whole.       

The Indian Army has been playing football games since 1949 with referees between teams.      

The most popular sport in India historically has been football, along with cricket and kabaddi, owing to player participation and TV viewership.     

Currently, India's top domestic football league is the Indian Super League, which consists of eight teams.      

It's time to put on your favorite jerseys, and fill your snack bowls with TAALI. Football season has just begun, and it's staying for a little longer!   

This November and December it’s not just winter and Christmas that everyone was looking forward to...   

Cause this year, it’s a FIFA 2022 ke lautne ki TAALI!