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Peanut Power!


There are cities in the US that bear the name of the Prestigious Peanuts!

Upper Peanut and Lower Peanut in Pennsylvania, Peanut West in Virginia and a city named Peanut in both California and Tennessee.

A phobia related to Peanuts!?

The fear of peanut butter sticking to your mouth's roof is known as Arachibutyrophobia.

A healthy move is to opt for Peanuts...

Each jar of peanut butter contains more than 500 peanuts.

There’s nut-thing ordinary about Peanuts after all!

The peanut is peculiar because its fruits grow underground but its flowers grow above ground.

Nut that it matters but Peanuts are...

Botanically speaking, both a nut and a legume. As they have essential nutrients from both the nut and legume families, they get the best of both worlds!


If exposed to extreme heat and pressure, peanut butter can actually transform into diamonds. You could turn peanuts into diamonds, though obviously not to the same quality as a real diamond.