5 Habits For A Healthier Lifestyle

Taali is all about a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. We’ve delivered this message by fixing a small part of your day: snacking! There are a lot more things you can do to get physically and mentally healthier, particularly some small habits that you can tweak. We’ve taken 5 minor habits that can bring about major change in your daily life:

1. Never Skip Your Breakfast :

    Fuel up! Arguably the most important meal of the day, a good breakfast can make your day. Breakfasts that are high in fibre and protein make you feel full and can help you remain focussed and productive throughout the day.

    2. Go Offline Before Bed :

      Sometimes even after a tiring day, sleep may not come easy to you. This is because a good night’s sleep is based on some more things other than just your energy levels. If you have the habit of scrolling social media right before bed, chances are that habit is going to keep you from sleeping instantly. It’s best to not look at any screens at least for an hour before you go to bed.

      3. Move Often :

        Most of us are sitting down on their jobs, and we can go for hours sitting in one place. While we can applaud ourselves for being able to work for so many hours at a go, we must remember how harmful it is for our body. When you’re sitting down on your job, remember to take a short walk every hour or so. Not only does this help relax our muscles, but also helps in clearing our brain.

        4. Ignore The Scales :

          Once we measure our weight, we tend to dwell upon it for hours. Whether or not we have a weight goal in mind, our weight can more often than not be an unflattering figure. Hence, for our own well-being, it’s a good idea to ignore the scales! Your workout and diet results are often attributed to how you feel, rather than your actual weight, so let us not be disheartened!

          5. Listen To Your Body :

            We know our body better than anyone else. Pay attention to the signals it sends you. Listen to it when you're tired, dehydrated or hungry. Feed your body well and give it the rest it needs!

            These minor reminders will help you in your daily life. Health awareness is more than ever now, and for a good reason! Of course, you’re allowed your cheat meals and some all nighters with your friends. Find the balance between fun and discipline, and make your year a healthy one!