Don’t Know About You But We’re Feeling (20)22! 

Let us begin by congratulating everyone, for we all have made it through a whole year amidst a global pandemic! The year has been a rollercoaster ride with its share of ups, down, twists and turns, but it’s come to a pleasant halt.

It was yet another year of spreading high-fives through our little pops of joy. Our Roasted Makhana and Protein Puffs, coming in 15 different flavours, were there for you all year long, through thick and thin!

Having launched online and in over 500 stores across India, our inaugural year in India has been a memorable one. We have enjoyed the challenge of introducing this snack to Indian diets, and we’re overwhelmed with how accepting everyone has been! 

During the year we introduced thousands of people to our family and have made great progress in our mission to prove that mouth watering snacks don’t have to fill you with unnecessary calories. 

Even through the challenges, this year has given us some of our sweetest and tastiest memories. Take a trip with us!  


1. We spread the message of the importance of a healthy diet :

    Eat healthy now, and you’ll benefit from it for years to come! We brought home the goodness of Makhana and the nutrition of our puffs, and taught a bunch of people to snack guilt-free!

    2. From babies to grandparents :

      We high-fived everyone! Our aim was to include everyone in our experience, and to make snacks that would please everyone alike. A snack that can fit all the various lifestyles that the people have in these ever changing times - That’s Taali!

      3. We learn the strength in Unity :

        Along with the virus there were numerous differences plaguing the nation, but we saw some incredible achievements that came from unison. Saluting all the people who came together to make our lives better and safer!

        4. We also learnt the importance of mental peace! :

          Mental health has been one of the most talked about topics of the year, and something that everyone should understand. Through our hectic daily schedules, sometimes it’s okay to sit back and take a break, because everyone needs one! So to all the people fighting their mental struggles, we support you! 

          So long, 2021. Having learnt so much and made so many memories, we are very excited for another year full of opportunities and possibilities. 

          After a wonderful opening stint, we welcome the new year with open arms and a huge smile.

          We wish you and your families, A Happy New Year!