5 Foods That Are Killing Your Diet!

We eat a variety of items in a day, not knowing the impact it has on our health. We won’t go to the extent of saying you need to completely avoid eating these items for the rest of your lives, but for all those who keep an eye on their diet, it is essential to know the foods you shouldn’t consume frequently.

1. Sugary Drinks !

    It is often said that you shouldn’t drink your sugar. This basically means that the sugar you’re going to consume in a day shouldn’t come from fluids. If you’re really craving some sweet, sweet fruits are the ideal replacements.

    2. Dry Fruits :

      Dried fruits have a lot of added sugar and have thrice the calories than their fresh counterparts. While it’s okay to consume them in moderation, we tend to binge on them which is ultimately very bad for your body.

      3. Ice Cream :

        We know, this one’s difficult to process! We cannot blame anyone for loving ice cream, but ice creams nowadays are loaded with a lot of sugar and calories, and can completely imbalance your diet. They also have a very high amount of saturated fats, which can contribute to heart diseases.

        4. Flavoured Yogurt :

          Yogurt is a healthy option, provided it’s unsweetened. Flavoured yogurts contain a lot of added sugar. On an average, a 150g serving of flavoured yogurt contains 15g of sugar.
          A healthier alternative is using unsweetened yogurt and topping it with fresh fruits.

          5. Protein Bars :

            Many people consider these an essential nutrition source, but they couldn’t be further away from the truth. They contain a lot of artificial sweeteners, and are highly calorific. If you’re looking to add a little protein to your everyday diet, there are many healthier and natural alternatives. (Psst… Taali’s Protein Puffs are the ideal protein substitutes!).

            While it’s perfectly alright to have cheat meals every now and then, we should be aware of how certain foods are very unhealthy even when consumed in small amounts. Keep these ones away from your diet, and have cheat meals that won’t harm your fitness journey.
            If you need a little help, you always have Taali’s guilt-free snacks! ;)