What Makes Sriracha The Hottest Spice In Town!

We all need a kick of spices every now and then, to remind us to get up and get going! Thankfully, we’ve gotten you a spice that is not just a savoury delight, but also very good for your body!

Taali’s Sriracha Spice combines the goodness of Makhana with a wholesome kick of some Sriracha. This not only makes for an ideal any-time snack, but also ensures the well-being of your body.

We’ve always gone on and on about the delicious snack that Sriracha Spice is, but now we want to throw some light on what makes it such a wholesome addition to our list of flavours. We all have had Sriracha sauce with our food, so we decided to enhance your snacking experience by combining a superfood with some Sriracha. The resultant experience? We’d suggest you try it yourselves!

Check how Sriracha nourishes your body:

1. Good For The Heart:

    The capsaicin in the chilli peppers of Sriracha is thought to treat any sort of pain in your chest area, and may also help boost one’s ability to exercise. Additionally, the garlic in Sriracha can help lower cholesterol levels, and hence can decrease the possibility of cardiovascular diseases.

    2. Helps you shed those Extra Kilograms! :

      The capsaicin aids in increasing metabolic rates, by increasing your energy expenditure. This increases the calories you burn while doing physical activity or even while sitting idle.

      3. Anticancer Agent :

        Some researchers suggest that capsaicin may be able to target cancer-related signalling genes.

        Sriracha is not just a delicious hot sauce, but also something that will help you with the well-being of your body. While consuming savoury snacks you would mostly be greeted by highly calorific and unhealthy spices, but Sriracha completely stands out in this aspect.
        It can benefit your daily life in more ways than one, and it carries an immensely addictive spicy taste!