Why our makhana are WAY better for you than popcorn

Popcorn. That light snack you enjoy with that rom com you’ve probably watched far too many times. Is it? Popcorn is often seen as a healthy snack: a snack that’s great for tackling cravings and avoiding calories. It seems airy and delicious and super easy to pop. Right? However, the snack is often loaded with calories. A medium-sized bucket of popcorn at a local movie theater will probably stuff you with as many as 1200 calories! The same bucket packs about 980 mg of sodium and sometimes has 60 gm of saturated fat. Not ideal, is it?

The world is turning its attention to all-natural and better-for-you foods that do less damage and more good for your body. It is turning away from corn as an ingredient and is favoring another guilt-free kind of pops: makhana. This plant-based snack hasn't garnered a fan following for nothing. They are, after all, a superfood, and everyone seems to be jumping on the superfood train. So what is a superfood, and why is it better for you than the snack you so enjoy with your favorite rom com?

According to Medical News Today, a superfood is any food that offers “maximum nutritional benefits for minimal calories”, and makhana does  just this. So nutritionally speaking, how does our superfood snack compare against popcorn?




Taali Roasted




67% less fat, 20% fewer calories, and 50% more protein than popcorn, quite something, right? But it’s not just about fat, protein, and calories, is it? It’s also about texture, crunch, and satiety. Let’s take a look at how popcorn and makhana fare against each other in terms of each of these factors:

We see a winner. Don’t you?

But what else do superfoods offer, particularly makhana? And why is Taali oh, so good for you? Our superfood, also known as makhana in India, packs high nutrition-density levels. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. And a pack of Taali isn’t just bursting with pops; it’s also teeming with Ayurvedic properties, magnesium, plant protein, and fiber. Our pops are also gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, nut-free, grain-free, contain zero trans fat, and are a NON-GMO joy — perfect for that gluten-free diet! And with a range of sweet and savory flavors, Taali is the ideal companion for you, the fam, and the squad. On movie night, on the go, post a workout, at breakfast, and, yes, even as a dessert topping (on cheat day, of course)! You can now fight those cravings and meet those fitness goals at the same time because our packs of pops are high-protein snacks! And... they are snacks that are simultaneously good for everyone — a quick fix for the kids when there’s no time for breakfast, and a quick dose of munchies when Grandma’s craving something yummy! Deliciousness, great nutritional benefits, a plant-based superfood, better snacking, and pure fun can all go hand in hand — when you choose the right snack, that is.