The Benefits of Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar’s name comes from the village it originated from, in England. It was first made during the 12th century, and is an extremely popular variant of cheese even today.

If your heart goes paagal for pizza or you’re a sucker for sandwiches, you’ve definitely had your share of cheddar.

In the rare case you haven’t, Taali White Cheddar Roasted Makhana will come as a blessing, trust us!

Other than its delicious taste, here’s what else White Cheddar packs with itself:

1. Cholesterol? More like Choleste-low! :

    The arrangement of protein and calcium in Cheddar provides numerous benefits, one of them being lower cholesterol levels, especially in middle aged adults. Studies have shown that consuming cheddar can help you lower your cholesterol levels, and is a healthier alternative to butter.

    2. Stronger Bones :

      Cheddar is a great source of calcium, which aids in keeping your bones strong and healthy. The vitamin K content in Cheddar also keeps a check on your bone health.

      3. Say Cheeeeese! :

        Cheddar cheese lives up to its name by making sure you say cheese without a worry. Cheddar increases the pH level in your mouth, and can help prevent cavities (which occur in low pH environments).

        4. Lactose? More like Low-tose (We promise this is the last pun) :

          Cheeses are usually reputed to be high in lactose but when it comes to cheddar, you’re in luck. Lactose intolerant people can usually process Cheddar due to its low lactose content, and usually doesn’t cause bloating/gas etc.

          5. Keto compatible :

            Due to its higher fat content, Cheddar can be included in your ketogenic diet if you’re on one. Contrastingly, since it has zero carbs, you can also include it in a low-carb diet with some healthy fats!

            Now we both know the benefits of Cheddar. We just went the extra mile to take this wholesome cheese and bundle it as a delicious guilt-free snack for you!
            Have a bite of our White Cheddar Roasted Makhana now, and give your diet the cheesy addition it deserves!