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Taali Gourmet Is The Way To Slay!

July is followed by a string of festivities, with back-to-back gifting seasons. And it is our utmost pleasure to introduce you to Taali Gourmet, a one-stop customised gifting solution with a broad range of exotic gourmet Makhanas, protein puffs, nuts and dry fruits.

We offer fully customised gift hampers, curated just the way you want it, for any and every occasion possible.

What’s on the menu?


Our famous Roasted Makhanas! Sweet, spicy, savoury, you name it, we’ve got it. Mouth-watering flavours that are just waiting to be enjoyed by all age groups.

Wait! Taali hasn’t hit the brakes just yet. We have a whole other range of flavoured Protein Puffs, making snacks as healthy as they can get!

Popped Nuts and Dry Fruits may sound archaic and obsolete on the face of it, but we bet Taali is anything but that. Because we tend to twist the basics into a myriad of crazy flavours that you may not have imagined in your wildest dreams, and if you have, you’re just as nutty as we are!

For birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and weddings, to name a few, Taali offers to give your gifts a personal touch. Your design, your style, your theme, and our products. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Taali Gourmet offers you gifts that cater to your needs, style and budget. If that doesn’t get the ball rolling, we truly aren’t sure what does!